25 Oct 2017
Rabat/Strasbourg (EMU) – EMU President Abu Bakr Rieger met during a visit to Morocco with the Director of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dr. Ahmad Costas. Both discussed the situation of the European Muslims. Rieger presented the work of the EMU lobby offices in Strasbourg.
EMU maintains relations with relevant Muslim countries like Morocco and is engaged in international dialogue. Abu Bakr Rieger especially praised the commitment of the Kingdom in ist fight against extremism. “The example of Morocco shows that traditional Islam and a classical education of Muslims are the best terror prevention,” says Rieger.
Dr Costas welcomed the important role of the European Muslims in the current discourse on Islam and offered further cooperation in the field of Islamic education. The Kingdom has been operating a more successful policy of extremism for many years than most other states. Rabat does not rely merely on repression, but emphasizes education as the main tool.
In particular, the training of traditional imams (as well as female murshidat), which are able to contradict dangerous ideologies, is one of the main focus. To this end, Rabat is cooperating with considerable success not only in Africa, but has also offered substantial courses for Imams from Western Europe in its newly established educational institutions.